Architectural Submission Deadline

The RFCA Architectural Committee meets monthly to review new applications for exterior changes.  The deadline for review at the next meeting is the 20th of each month.

Each Rodgers Forge property owner is governed in the use of his or her property by the restrictive covenants where applicable in the community. The purpose of the covenants is to preserve the architectural uniformity which exists in the community, which, in turn, enhances property values.   All homeowners must request and receive approval from the Board for any changes to the exterior of the property BEFORE work begins.   Architectural Guidelines can be found here: Architectural Committee Web Page

To apply online, click the button below:

Application Form


To print out an application form and mail it instead, click here.

Please mail to:

RFCA Architectural Committee
P. O. Box 571
Riderwood, Maryland 21139