Renovation Tax Credits

All homes in Rodgers Forge are part of the Rodgers Forge National Register of Historic Places District. As a benefit of owning a home that is part of the historic district, Baltimore County and Maryland State Historic Renovation Tax credits are available for certain repairs to homes in Rodgers Forge. Rodgers Forge homeowners can benefit greatly by taking advantage of these tax credits, but they can only be obtained by going through an application process and receiving approval PRIOR to beginning any project. All applications are considered on a case by case basis.

The details about the tax credits are as follows:

The inventory number for Rodgers Forge is BA 3238. The map of our community is enclosed. Both are needed when applying for Tax Credits.

NOTE: Prior to signing any contract for External Renovations or submitting forms to the county to be considered for possible Historic Tax Credits be sure to submit your application to the Architectural Committee for review. RFCA does not participate in the decisions or process of the County or State when applying for Tax Credits.