Rodgers Forge Elementary School and Dumbarton Middle School are centrally located in the neighborhood and form the heart of the Rodgers Forge community. These are considered to be some of the best public schools in the region, in large part due to the dedication of staff and a very engaged school community. The two schools are located adjacent to each other in a beautiful campus-like setting of preserved open space, towering trees, and ball fields. Historic Dumbarton House, home to the elite Baltimore Actor’s Theatre and Conservatory, is located directly behind Dumbarton Middle School. In addition, Towson High School is less than one mile from Rodgers Forge and consistently ranks as one of the top public high schools in Maryland.

Rodgers Forge Elementary

250 Dumbarton Road
Baltimore, MD 21212.
Tel: 410-887-3582

Dumbarton Middle School

300 Dumbarton Road
Towson, Maryland 21212
Tel: 410-887-3176

Towson High School

69 Ceder Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21286
Tel: 410-887-3608

Area Pre-Schools and Private Schools


St Pius X Private School. Tel: (410) 427-7400

Govans Presbyterian Church. Tel: (410) 435-9188

Dulaney Day School. Tel: (410) 377-2702

Rodger’s Fordger UMC Children’s Center. Tel: (410) 377-5142

Woodbrook Early Education Center. Tel: (410) 377-8918

Brown Memorial Weekday School. Tel: (410) 377-2989

Cedarcroft Kindergarten. Tel: (410) 435-0905

Imagine Schools Inc. Tel: (410) 435-1246

Medical Daycare. Tel: (410) 323-9139